Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer by OceanMind

Knowledge Transfer is an essential aspect of building capacity with our partners. Our objective in every collaboration is to make sure that we are able to transfer the knowledge, experience, understanding, and skills from our team of experts to their counterparts in our partner organisations. We aim to ensure that when a collaboration comes to a close, our partner has the capacity and capability to continue efficiently and effectively driving compliance themselves.

In Fisheries Compliance, knowledge transfer is typically support by an MCS Advisor who is seconded into our partners’ team to be on hand full time to provide training, advice, and to answer questions on enforcement topics. The MCS Advisor is supported by our broader team of fisheries compliance experts who provide insights into every aspect of compliance from technology, to inspections, to investigation, to case management. Our team becomes part of your team, a resource to draw on to support your compliance objectives and to grow your own team.

In other regulatory frameworks, knowledge transfer is supported by our broader compliance network. Experts in specific regulatory regimes are able to provide detailed knowledge and advice on almost any topic relating to the compliance of human activity on the ocean, and the impact on ocean health.

Through our global compliance network, OceanMind is able to facilitate advice for a wide variety of regulated marine and maritime industries.

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