Partnerships and Collaboration

Partnerships and Collaboration with OceanMind

OceanMind’s mission is to power enforcement and compliance to protect the ocean’s ability to provide for human wellbeing. In this way, all of our work is carried out in collaboration to multiply impact with our partners, collaboration is in our DNA.

OceanMind is the hub of a global compliance ecosystem, powering our enforcement and compliance partners. Our existing compliance partnerships include fisheries compliance, protection of undersea cultural heritage, human rights at sea, and climate and ocean health initiatives. OceanMind’s emerging partnerships extend to every field of regulated human activity that impacts the ocean, including pollution, deep-sea mining, and human trafficking.

We collaborate with a wide range of organisations from government authorities and seafood organisations, to NGOs and academic institutions. OceanMind’s role is to inform our partners as to the extent and impact of human activity on the ocean, so that our partners can infer the implications for compliance in their area of specialty. We also provide training and capacity building to increase our partners’ ability to act against non-compliance, including training on modern technology systems such as remote sensing and artificial intelligence, training on modern enforcement practices, case management, and prosecution, and training on supply chain due diligence and traceability.

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