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What OceanMind Does to Protect the Ocean

OceanMind is your impact partner, helping you increase maritime regulatory compliance.

Using satellites, sensors, and artificial intelligence OceanMind brings together and analyses all of the data needed to understand maritime human activity on the ocean. By comparing this activity to the complex web of rules and regulations, our algorithms highlight suspected non-compliance.

Expert analysts investigate each suspected non-compliance and deliver actionable intelligence to regulators, enforcement agencies, and industry compliance managers so they can act against the infraction. To ensure intelligence is actionable, our team trains and builds capacity for maritime enforcement worldwide.

OceanMind is the hub of a global compliance network, powering our enforcement partners. Our existing compliance partnerships include fisheries compliance, protection of undersea cultural heritage, human rights at sea, and climate and ocean health initiatives. OceanMind’s emerging partnerships extend to every field of regulated human activity that impacts the ocean, including pollution, deep-sea mining, and human trafficking.

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Fisheries Compliance

OceanMind has been powering fisheries compliance since 2014, including monitoring, control and surveillance, port state measures implementation, marine protected area enforcement, and third-party verification and supply chain traceability.

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Climate and Ocean Health

A healthy ocean better regulates the climate and absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere.  OceanMind’s climate initiatives focus on increasing oceanic blue carbon and on reducing greenhouse emissions from the shipping sector.

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Undersea Cultural Heritage

In partnership with MAST, OceanMind helps monitor protected undersea cultural heritage and war graves from unauthorised salvage and looting. We also monitor wreck sites for signs of fuel, oil or ordnance leakage that may pollute local ecosystems.

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Human Rights at Sea

Working at sea is a dangerous occupation often hidden from sight. OceanMind is committed to upholding human rights at sea. We have several initiatives to protect workers in the fishing industry and beyond.

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