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Over eighty percent of all life on Earth dwells in our ocean, producing over half of the planet’s oxygen. Three billion people derive their protein from seafood. One in eight people depend on the sea to earn their livelihood. Eighty percent of international trade travels on the ocean. The ocean is crucial to the global carbon cycle, shuttling gigatons of carbon each year between the atmosphere and plankton. The ocean regulates our weather and our climate. For these reasons and many more, human wellbeing is directly linked to the health of the ocean.

It has been scientifically proven that thriving healthy ocean ecosystems can absorb and retain significant levels of carbon, whereas damaged and exploited ecosystems release that carbon back into the atmosphere.  Healthy ecosystems provide us with greater resilience against the ravages of climate change and provide benefits to human wellbeing.

Most international trade travels over the ocean and the maritime shipping industry emits around 1 billion tonnes of CO2 annually. The industry has developed ambitious targets to reduce emissions that will have a major contribution to global reductions by 2050.

OceanMind’s solutions support the protection of ocean health by monitoring and enforcing Climate Reserves, ocean spaces dedicated to the preservation of ecosystems to maximise carbon retention. 

Climate Reserves

Climate Reserves

In collaboration with Oxford University, OceanMind supports scientific analysis of marine ecosystems to evaluate carbon content with the aim of developing a carbon fund to incentivise the protection of Climate Reserves.

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Climate Trace

Climate TRACE

Climate TRACE aims to monitor all human caused greenhouse gas emissions globally. As a founding member, OceanMind provides emissions information for the shipping industry to support reductions and highlight successes.

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