Human Rights

Human Rights powered by OceanMind

The ocean has provided humanity with travel, food and livelihood since time immemorial. With activities on the ocean being out of sight, out of mind, this has provided opportunity for abuse with workers being mistreated and enslaved on vessels, people being trafficked around the world, and refugees and migrants being exploited.

In working with authorities and regulators for ocean industries, OceanMind has found that analysis of regulatory compliance can also highlight vessels most at risk of human rights abuses. This deep data analysis supported by machine learning and combined with human expertise helps identify risk factors of overworking, human trafficking, or exploitation. The identification of risk factors while vessels are at sea allows for targeted inspections and audit when the vessel arrives at port.

As part of OceanMind’s work to monitor non-compliance in fisheries, OceanMind has developed AI algorithms that understand fishing activities to high degree of granularity and accuracy. By breaking down fishing into different phases, such as setting gear, soaking gear, and retrieving gear, it is possible to then apply human expertise and experience to understand how hard a crew needs to work at each phase for different gear types.

Through this highly granular understanding of fishing, it is possible to estimate the time a crew spends working during a fishing trip. This information is then used to highlight to authorities vessels at risk of breaching labour laws to facilitate inspection when the vessel returns to port.

This same technique can be applied to a wide range of ocean-related activities where vessel behaviour can be correlated with crew effort.

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