OceanMind is a non-profit organisation that powers marine enforcement and compliance

to protect the world's oceans


OceanMind is proud to be a founding member of the Climate TRACE coalition. See the release of the 2022 global emissions data at COP27.


OceanMind powers marine enforcement and compliance to protect the ocean’s ability to provide for human wellbeing.  Using satellites and artificial intelligence we help authorities enforce more effectively and industry work more responsibly.

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What We Do

Fisheries Compliance

OceanMind has been powering fisheries compliance since 2014, including monitoring, control and surveillance, port state measures implementation, marine protected area enforcement, and third-party verification and supply chain traceability.


Climate and Ocean Health

A healthy ocean better regulates the climate and absorbs more carbon from the atmosphere.  OceanMind’s climate initiatives focus on increasing oceanic blue carbon and on reducing greenhouse emissions from the shipping sector.


Undersea Cultural Heritage

In partnership with MAST, OceanMind helps monitor protected undersea cultural heritage and war graves from unauthorised salvage and looting. We also monitor wreck sites for signs of fuel, oil or ordnance leakage that may pollute local ecosystems.


Human Rights

Working at sea is a dangerous occupation often hidden from sight. OceanMind is committed to upholding human rights at sea. We have several initiatives to protect workers in the fishing industry and beyond.


Our Impact

Global impact of OceanMind : the story so far
OceanMind’s work has benefitted over 20 countries, many international supply chains, and thousands of workers around the world. Our programmes cover every ocean basin on the planet, covering millions of square kilometres of ocean, and actively monitoring tens of thousands of vessels.

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How We Work

Advanced Technology

In collaboration with Microsoft, OceanMind has developed next-generation technology using satellites, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to understand the compliance of maritime human activity and its impact on the ocean.


Partnerships and Collaborations

Partnerships & Collaborations

OceanMind provides compliance support to help partners deliver on their programme objectives around the world. Collaboration is in our DNA and we work with organisations of all kinds, anywhere. Together we are stronger.


Capacity Building

Capacity Building

OceanMind provides a full end-to-end suite of compliance capacity building for governments and industry from policy, law and regulations, to monitoring, control and surveillance, to investigation, case management and prosecution.


Knowledge Transfer

We aim to help our partners gain in knowledge and experience so that our work continues to provide value long after any project concludes. Knowledge transfer is a core principle of our work that ensures long term impact.


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