The OceanMind Vision

Over eighty percent of all life on Earth dwells in our ocean, producing over half of the planet’s oxygen.

Three billion people derive their protein from seafood. One in eight people depend on the sea for their livelihood.

The ocean is crucial to the global carbon cycle, shuttling gigatons of carbon each year between the atmosphere and plankton. The ocean regulates our weather and our climate.

For these reasons and many more, human wellbeing is directly linked to the health of the ocean.

But in the ocean’s vast expanses, pollution, illegal fishing, and modern slavery can run rampant, destroying habitats, ecosystems, and lives. Many of the most destructive activities are already regulated, but the unaddressed challenge is enforcing these regulations in the wild, remote, vast ocean. What is out of sight, is often out of mind.

The men and women responsible for enforcing maritime regulations, the last line of defence on our ocean, work under harsh conditions, outnumbered, with limited resources, facing complex situations, and often blinded to the committed efforts of lawbreakers who break the rules and destroy what the ocean provides.

OceanMind changes the game, making the invisible, visible and the unknown, known.

By powering enforcement and compliance, OceanMind supports those who defend our ocean with advanced technology, training, capacity building, knowledge transfer, and through partnerships and collaborations.

Using satellites, big data, and artificial intelligence we bring together and analyse all of the data needed to understand maritime human activity on the ocean. By comparing this activity to the myriad applicable rules and regulations our algorithms sift through the data to identify suspected non-compliance, which is then highlighted for investigation.

Expert analysts then investigate each suspected non-compliance and deliver actionable intelligence to regulators, enforcement agencies, and industry compliance managers so they can act against the infraction.

To ensure intelligence is actionable, our team trains and builds capacity for maritime enforcement worldwide. By training partners in modern enforcement and prosecution practices, and delivering actionable intelligence to power the enforcers, we help strengthen the last line of defence and protect the ocean.

OceanMind is the hub of a global compliance ecosystem, powering our enforcement partners. Our existing compliance partnerships include fisheries compliance, protection of undersea cultural heritage, human rights at sea, and climate and ocean health initiatives. OceanMind’s emerging partnerships extend to every field of regulated human activity that impacts the ocean, including pollution, deep-sea mining, and human trafficking.

Our History

OceanMind began in 2013 as a collaboration between UK-based Satellite Applications Catapult and US-based Pew Charitable Trusts Ending Illegal Fishing programme.

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Our People

Everyone at OceanMind is passionate about making change and the ocean. Our team work tirelessly to make a difference every day, supporting lives and livelihoods.

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