Capacity Building

Capacity Building powered by OceanMind

Effective enforcement of a regulated marine environment is compounded by a wide range of challenges, not least the capacity and resource available to the competent authority. There are many competing priorities faced by governments that often leave regulators of fishing and other maritime activity at a disadvantage in detecting and acting upon non-compliance.

OceanMind supports the development and capacity of fisheries authorities through a detailed programme of work beginning with a capacity needs analysis and gap assessment, leading to a bespoke training and capacity development plan, ongoing advice and on-call support, as well as outsourced burst capacity and analyst investigative support.

In the first phase, an OceanMind expert will work with an authority to understand their current capacity and capability and their desired end state, in order to develop a plan of action mapping out the journey from one to the other. During this needs assessment process specific gaps will be identified and training plans recommended. The needs assessment is developed in collaboration with all stakeholders in an authority from senior management to analysts and officers to ensure that it is completely representative.

In the second phase, OceanMind’s team of experts will work across an authority at all levels to transfer knowledge and provide training on all of the areas identified in the needs assessment from policy and regulatory design, enforcement strategy, analyst and officer training, boarding and inspection training, catch certification, EU and US IUU regulatory requirements, port state measures obligations, case management, advanced technology including remote sensing and artificial intelligence, and much more.

In addition, OceanMind can provide one-off training for any fisheries enforcement topic.

Throughout the full suite of capacity building and training activities, OceanMind’s team of experts is on hand to sit on your team and provide additional capacity in support of day-to-day activities, including vessel analysis and intelligence production, to allow your team to focus on their core enforcement objectives.

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