Climate TRACE

Climate TRACE, reporting emissions to accelerate climate action

OceanMind is a founding member of Climate TRACE, a coalition of non-profits and technology companies as well as climate leader and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

The Climate TRACE coalition is building a tool that will use artificial intelligence, satellite image processing, machine learning, and other remote sensing technologies to monitor worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The coalition aims to track human-caused emissions to specific sources in real time—independently and publicly, an unprecedented achievement.  

OceanMind is responsible for tracking the greenhouse gas emissions from global shipping. If shipping emissions were attributable to a single country, it would be the sixth largest emitter in the world, just above Germany.  To monitor emissions, OceanMind tracks vessel activity using AIS transmissions that show vessel identity, location, speed, and other parameters. Together with vessel characteristics data such as engine power, size, draft, and other factors, these transmissions allow estimation of greenhouse gas emissions.  

Together with our Climate TRACE partners, OceanMind will use our emissions estimates to work with governments, the shipping industry, and others to reduce greenhouse gas emissions consistent with the Paris accord which seeks to limit warming to 2 degrees C, or preferably 1.5 degrees C.  

OceanMind and Climate TRACE believe that the real time transparency provided by our work will be a major step forward in efforts to reduce emissions. Until now, emissions estimates are incomplete because a number of countries have not yet completed an inventory of their emissions. Those countries with inventories are often forced to rely on incomplete data or estimates from several years in the past. As a result, we don’t have good knowledge of global emissions, and this limits the ability of negotiators and regulators to make and achieve reliable commitments to emissions reduction.  

Climate TRACE will help countries and emitters to baseline and monitor their own progress towards emissions reduction, and will help highlight and share lessons from those leading the way.

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