Monitoring, control, and surveillance

Fisheries Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance by OceanMind

Effective monitoring, control, and surveillance (MCS) is critical for sustainable use of ocean resources, protecting workers, and effectively asserting the rule of law. It’s also vital in ensuring that the private sector and civil society has confidence that there is adequate compliance and enforcement to ensure their shared objectives for the oceans, and the humans who work on it are met. 

OceanMind specialises in providing effective support for the development, implementation, and improvement of compliance and enforcement systems. This support can be wide ranging in its nature, depending on the partner, but is grounded in global experience and years of expertise built from helping partners turn their strategic needs into achievable goals. 

Our theoretical knowledge and experience of the real-world implications of strategic enforcement decisions helps us identify fundamental issues related to compliance that may undermine long-term objectives. Through workshops and knowledge transfer we support our partners in planning towards these long-term objectives and provide implementation support to help them move from strategy to tactical delivery.  

OceanMind can provide a range of support for partners including on-site experts that work with senior and junior enforcement personnel in a trusted mentoring capacity. This can help in the development of policies and training programmes for enforcement institutions. The support can also be more tactical like helping to affect the investigation or inspection of a ship, providing expert testimony or evidence in court, or delivering specific trainings focused on topics like implementation of the Port State Measures Agreement or developing a National MCS Strategy/Plan of Action. 

Our monitoring, control, and surveillance expertise can also support civil society and private sector groups who wish to strengthen their relationship with a particular government or fishery, to learn more about the apparent effectiveness of different fishery management or legal regimes, or to ensure that declared protected areas are adequately protected.

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